Profitable Crypto Trading

Select the right coins
Right timing to buy and sell
Crypto Trading with a proven strategy
Proper Risk management Consistent long term Profits

From Crypto Starter to Crypto Investor

Many Crypto Traders have a Buy&HODL-strategy.

In our opinion: that is just Buy & Hope, which is not the best strategy.

The Crypto Market is a fascinating and promising market with high volatility.

Many crypto investors have seen their initial profits evaporate or have seen their profits turn into losses.

CryptoAcademy helps you to improve your results.

The goal is that you build a diversified portfolio of different crypto-currencies for the shorter and longer term with proper money management.

Our strategy: selecting the best coins and buying and selling those at the right moment.

We teach you how to trade with a plan and how to limit losses and to take profits.

CryptoAcademy assists you to achieve consistent results.

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