Innovative Crypto Exchange platform with simplified access for everyone

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Bixtrim: innovative crypto-exchange platform with simplified access for everyone

Current Problems

Slow cash out of cryptocurrency
Potential loss of profit for coin owners
No possibility to trade on a predetermined date
Limited number and slow timing of transaction
Single-factor authentication
Limited connection of crypto market with retail market

Solutions of Bixtrim

Fast cash out of cryptocurrency
Multi-factor authentication for more security
Guarantees for pre-arranged deals
Pawn Possiblities

The Bixtrim team has an innovative vision of a future with simplified usage of crypto in every day life and Bixtrim wants the customers to be a part of it.

  • Crypto to Fiat exchange platform with simplified access
  • Crypto pawnshop for eliminating potential loss of profit for coin owners
  • Futures contracts solving slow cash out of cryptocurrency
    New cryptocurrency supporting escrow
  • Debit Cards with no taxation and easy transactions everywhere

establishes an ecosystem of financial instruments based on the revolutionary benefits of the digital economy.

Why should you participate in Bixtrim ICO 

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    Global Tendencies: Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies are here to stay
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    Country Reputation of Georgia: attractive destination for foreign investments
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    Georgia is world's #1 in Crypto Mining calculated per capita
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    Bixtrim platform’s success: lower commission on platform, for pawnshops
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    ​BXM Tokens can be exchanged to new cryptocurrencies
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    Tokens will be in demand: BXM is used in all transactions of Bixtrim platform
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    Bixtrim platform will originate demand resulting in price increase
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